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CorMar Apparel & Uniforms, can effectively give your company a sustainable advantage over your competitors by allowing CorMar Apparel to be part of your network. Enabling CorMar Apparel to navigate through the complexities and confusion of sourcing out the right products and vision for your brand. Let CorMar Apparel show you the benefits of corporate apparel and promotional items, while implementing our expertise in brand recognition for your company. Granting CorMar Apparel the privilege to serve you like family and help you stay ahead of the curve.

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CorMar Apparel & Uniforms is a distributor of corporate apparel, career uniforms and promotional items. Currently serving all of Southern Ontario. CorMar Apparel can help your company with brand recognition and brand identity and keep your company ahead of your competitors within your market or industry. We are a company dedicated to our clients, we care about what you look like, what your budget is… and what brands you want. We pay close attention to what really matters to you, and we work overtime to ensure you are given the best products and services.

Why Us? Why You?


Our commitment to our core values is the reason why you want to do business with CorMar Apparel & Uniforms. CorMar Apparel does not want to do business, we want to build a relationship with you and your company. We want  to be an asset to your business, someone you can count on when achieving a specific look or for your company. CorMar Apparel wants to take the complexities and stress out of sourcing apparel or promotional items for your business. In essence we want  to make things easy for you and give your brand the touch it needs. We want you to standout.

Customer-Oriented Cormar Founder

Paul Salvatore

Founder of CorMar Apparel & Uniforms, Paul Salvatore has been involved in the industry for over 20 years. Carrying relationships over the years with the best suppliers and decorators in the industry.

Always looking for new cutting edge ways to decorate apparel, Paul has a keen eye on what’s going on with trends in the Corporate apparel industry.

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